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天主教学院是 a community bound together by a common love, the love of knowledge in all its dimensions and depths. 在爱中, a Catholic college dedicates itself to the cause of truth 和 joy of its discovery in every field of knowledge believing the words of Jesus Christ, “真相会让你自由.”

LPL外围网址 invites students on a journey of freely searching for and discovering the truth, 善, and beauty of all things illumined by the light of the One who made them. 作为一所天主教学院 Donnelly focuses on the whole person ——学术, spiritually and socially – so that our students might become the best version of themselves; that is, so that they might become saints.

At a Catholic college everything is connected. At many colleges today, a student’s course of studies is fragmented within a maze of specializations. Donnelly students participate in a holistic and unified liberal arts curriculum within which they can explore various areas of interest.

在这里, faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit can rise to the contemplation of truth. Each course in the curriculum naturally opens to the big questions of life; while courses in theology give students the opportunity to explore these questions in their infinite and mysterious depths through the light of revelation in Jesus Christ.





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马修·T. 范德·文纳博士.D.

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